SRS was the first organization dedicated to slum rehabilitation in Mumbai. The organization was founded in 1972 by Mr. Adolf Tragler, an Austrian who had been working chanel replica in welfare services in Mumbai. Mr. Tragler and several-likeminded individuals realized that social services alone were not adequate to improve the lives of people who lived in a slum environment. They founded SRS to offer new housing to slum dwellers, as well as provide social services to facilitate and consolidate their transition out of the slums.

SRS initially focused on a section of Bandra, a Mumbai suburb, containing 30-odd slum pockets. SRS’ first rehabilitation project at Mount Mary was a great success. Bishop Longinus Pereira offered one acre of land at Mount Mary on lease basis. The land had no chanel replica motorable access and was encroached upon by several hutments. It took SRS two years to get access to the land and approval for its building plans. On 19th April 1975, SRS arranged the foundation stone laying function at the site with Shri Fakhruddin Ali Ahmad, the then President of India, as the Chief Guest.

Slum dwellers participating in our first project

The first building was completed in 1977, and over the next five years 700 slum dwellers were moved to self-contained units in the new buildings. Each beneficiary contributed approximately one-sixth of the construction cost and demolished their hutment structures, handing over the vacant land to the landowner. The landowner, in return, contributed to the cost of the new housing as did several other donors, establishing the pattern of multiple funding sources SRS has used in many of its subsequent projects.

During the 30 years of its existence, SRS has moved 7,000 families from slums to private apartments, including 1,000 units constructed by SRS. The other 6,000 families have moved chanel replica to buildings constructed by the government. In addition SRS is provided social services to 5,000 families, most of whom have moved to housing built by commercial developers.

Mr Tragler participating


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