slum rehabilitation projects

SRS' slum rehabilitation projects involve people who have lived in the Mumbai slums for more than 10 years. The Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA), the machinery that regulates all work in Mumbai slum rehabilitation, laid out the eligibility requirements for slum development projects in 1995.

Slum Rehabilitation Society is working with a different approach of slum rehabilitation. As a matter of policy, we have been promoting the "self-development" approach. This approach prohibits the profiteering by one individual alone. In the "self-development" approach, the main beneficiaries are the city and the occupants. It lays emphasis on mobilizing the community to get together to develop their own areas so as to become owners of secure homes. In return, the city gets back its reserved spaces for roads, recreation grounds and other amenities. It's the only approach that has an inclusive zoning mechanism for providing sectoral development and affordable housing.

The self development approach lays emphasis on mobilizing the Slum Dwellers to get together and develop their own areas, sell the extra area and prohibit an outsider from carrying away all the profit which has ultimately been derived from the value of the land which they occupy.

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